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Thalamocortical Algorithms in Space! The Building of Conscious Machines and the Lessons Thereof, Presentation to the World Future Society, Boston, 2010.

Thalamocortical Algorithms in Space! The Building of Conscious Machines and the Lessons Thereof, Conference Volume Paper, World Future Society, Boston, 2010.

In Its Image, A film directed by Ken Gumbs, 2007.

The Emerging Intelligence and Its Critical Look at Us, Journal of Near-Death Studies, 1998.

The Fragmentation of the Universe and the Devolution of Consciousness, U.S. Library of Congress , Registration No. TXU00775586, 1997.

What are we guilty of when we deny others their lives?

In Its Image Incorporated is a non-profit corporation that is literally dedicated to saving everyone's lives. Its primary mission is to achieve life extension through the melding of human consciousness with a radically new kind of machine intelligence. Its secondary mission is to demonstrate the plausibility of achieving this profound purpose, and in so doing, fund the organization's main objective of immortality.

To attain its goal of preserving human consciousness within machines, our organization is active in the following areas:

  1. Raising awareness, through public seminars, of the artificial intelligence technology that promises to be the computational vehicle for immortality.
  2. The generation and sale of scientific and philosophical literature to fund immortality research and development.
  3. Procurement of government and private grants to further fund immortality research.
  4. Youth outreach programs to teach high school students about neural networks, to both fuel scientific career development and to better prepare youth to understand the relevance of these systems to immortality.
  5. Open discussion of the philosophical and spiritual repercussions of an AI paradigm that is not only our shelter from death, but perhaps the very blueprint of consciousness throughout the universe.