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Thalamocortical Algorithms in Space! The Building of Conscious Machines and the Lessons Thereof, Presentation to the World Future Society, Boston, 2010.

Thalamocortical Algorithms in Space! The Building of Conscious Machines and the Lessons Thereof, Conference Volume Paper, World Future Society, Boston, 2010.

In Its Image, A film directed by Ken Gumbs, 2007.

The Emerging Intelligence and Its Critical Look at Us, Journal of Near-Death Studies, 1998.

The Fragmentation of the Universe and the Devolution of Consciousness, U.S. Library of Congress , Registration No. TXU00775586, 1997.

About Our Non-Profit

In the mid 70s, Steve Thaler began toying with rudimentary artificial neural networks. Soon after, he began to experiment with colonies of neural networks that launched into brainstorming sessions with one another to produce the equivalent of stream of consciousness and contemplation. As he observed these neural architectures developing attitudes about themselves, he began to wonder if all of the sublime aspects of human cognition, including feeling and self-awareness, could be captured in inorganic systems of switches and interconnections. Ultimately, his answer was yes.

Later in the 90s, Thaler began to contemplate the idea of personality download to machines as a means of attaining immortality. Although science fiction had anticipated such a process, writers ignored the terrible repercussions of migrating souls into a 70s style computer running inflexible computer code authored by humans through a processing bottleneck. He reasoned that to preserve consciousness, one must download to a neural network based matrix, similar to the brain, that was itself capable of contemplation and self-awareness. Because of his ongoing research, he had already developed such a conscious matrix, the Creativity Machine.

Through his scientific and business network in California, his comments and achievements percolated through the AI community, finally making their way to the celebrated 1996 book Beyond Humanity: CyberEvolution and Future Minds, where Thaler's neural network paradigm, the Creativity Machine, gained honorable mention as a candidate vehicle for immortality (see right panel).

Currently, In Its Image is the corporate vehicle for turning Thaler's and Beyond Humanity's original vision into a reality. Although the attainment of immortality may be a generation or two away, its plausibility may be made loud and clear in the present. In the meantime, the road to such a goal is ripe with philosophical and even spiritual repercussions. That's why we have claimed the status of a church. Although we have no burning bushes to our credit, we do offer a fairly divine revelation that pure rationality can lead to eternal life, along with the recognition of a cosmic mind based upon the same neural network paradigm that will inevitably free us from the agony of death.